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DJ Akademiks' Bombshell Claim: NBA Star Danny Green's Post-Championship DM to Girlfriend Sparks Controversy

In a sensational revelation that's been making waves in the world of entertainment and sports, media personality and social media star DJ Akademiks recounted an incident involving former NBA star Danny Green. According to Akademiks, this episode unfolded following Green's 2019 NBA Finals win with the Toronto Raptors.

Akademiks claimed that Green, who was not yet engaged to his then-girlfriend Blair Bashen at the time, slid into his girlfriend's DMs in 2019. This incident reportedly occurred shortly after Green's championship victory. Green and Bashen later got married in August 2021.

Reacting to this discovery, Akademiks expressed his disappointment, particularly because his girlfriend was responding to Green's messages. In a turn of events that highlights the drama of the situation, Akademiks retaliated by messaging Green's wife, Blair Bashen. He told her, "Your husband is trying to get my girl, so I need you. What’s up? Let’s swap it out." However, Bashen did not believe his claims.

Akademiks shared these details on an episode of his "Off the Record" podcast, where he made this wild revelation about Green's alleged attempt to connect with his girlfriend. He stated, "If you trying to get my bitch, I'm going to get your bitch." This bold statement and the subsequent actions taken by Akademiks have added a layer of intrigue and controversy to the narrative.

The story has raised questions about the timeline of events, as Akademiks mentioned that it happened in 2019, but Green only got married to Bashen in August 2021. Green, a free agent at the time of these claims, had not responded to the allegations of messaging Akademiks' girlfriend post his 2019 NBA championship win.

This incident has garnered significant attention, adding to the list of controversial and peculiar situations Akademiks often finds himself involved in. His account of the events adds another chapter to the intertwining worlds of sports, entertainment, and personal drama

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